Madden NFL 18 New Mode Guide

As we all know that the madden nfl 18 will be available at the end of the month, which will let many players to play madden 18 instead of madden 17, but do you know what is the feature for the new Madden?

For some sources, the madden nfl 18 will add the new mode, which is the long shot mode, that is a great mode, as it can let players use this road to become a superstar, which all need your control.

It is reported that the long shot mode are following by the mode of nba 2k, which are a basketball shooting game, if you are a sports fan, we think you must know that game. Talk back to the madden long shot mode, this mode are designed to let the gamers into the nfl players shoes. That would be great to see how Madden distances itself from its 2K counterpart.

For the madden nfl 18 playing, the guide that can help you to enjoy games and to get more madden 18 coins, which can help you to buy more better players to strong your team to win more games, and then maybe as the winning rewards, you can get more coins.